Over the past few months myself and a couple of friends have been working on creating a clothing brand. We currently have 3 lines of screen printed t-shirts in a variety of colours & sizes. The name, ButterSideUp Clothing, had been flying around for a couple of years and our initial attempt had failed to get off the ground (we managed some rough logo designs and a few t-shirt concepts).

Now we have a bit of money, some expertise in the screen printing business and a new found creative hunger we are all guns blazing. We now have a fully working online store, small customer base, a few designs with some promo material and many more ‘ideas’ in the making.

As the graphic designer in the group I have been involved in the branding, creating and finalising of artwork and the online store.

*UPDATE* ButterSideUp has now been going (semi)officially for a year but unfortunately the bulk of our sales are still coming from other areas & not our website so we have decided to switch to a bigcartel shop for now.